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1.0 Introduction
 This assignment tries to research the company of Apple. The aims and objectives of the profile are to show the importance of a CEO in a company, the company's marketing strategies, the company's organisational culture and the company's employee motivation strategies. I am trying to find out the reason that makes Apple Inc become one of the most successful IT company.
2.0 Profile of the Entrepreneur
 Steven Paul Jobs was one of the founders of Apple Inc. For many years he was awarded as the most excellent CEO of the USA. Some people remarked that "Apple is Jobs, Jobs is Apple". In his efforts, Apple Inc became the world's first big technology company. Sadly, he left us in 2011. His existence to Apple has a very important significance. Some people studied what entrepreneurial skills had led to his success.
 Kai-fu lee said, Jobs emphasized in Stanford university graduation speech that "to follow your own heart", "to do things you like to do", "death lets people know that your time is limited, grasp the limited time to do more meaning work", the spirit is very useful for the entrepreneurs. Jobs had ever said that "the difference between a leader and a follower lies in innovation. If you are in a rising sun industry, you should try to find more effective solutions and more concise bussiness model. However, if you are in a shrinking industry, you should get yourself out before you can't keep up with the era, to change a job or converse industry. Don't delay, start innovation immediately". Jobs' life best embodied the soul of innovation in the IT industry, he always could see clearly the development of the industry trend. With the entrepreneurial skill of innovation, Apple Inc became the leader of the global IT industry. Jobs, as an excellent entrepreneur, shows us that a successful company should have a good leader and entrepreneurial skills. Besides, a company should have its own marketing strategies.
3.0 Marketing Strategies
 Apple Inc has its special marketing strategies. From the retail and channel pricing marketing strategy to retail and online store, Apple Inc sells the products in its own unique way in consumer electronical fields. If you know the meaning of "channel", you will know that it's not an easy thing to realize. But Apple realizes it and makes it very successful. Some people wonder if other companies can sell products like Apple Inc. Now let's see the unique marketing strategies of Apple.
 Apple Inc never discount sales through the retail channel. Although the company really discount sales of some refurbished products, the prices of these goods are cheaper, this is not a "sale" price, it's a special price for holiday. Otherwise the quantity of the products is not large. To a large extent, the popularity of Apple's products lies in the market supply of control, that is, making the market in the "hunger" state, which helps to keep the product price stability and to product upgrade control. The sale of IPHONE is a obvious representative.
 Apple distributor price is very stable. Although it is illegal to administer price(sales to the end user price), Apple is still trying to control the retail price and keeps it at a stable level. They may use the methods of controling the profits of the distributors in a comparative low state, doing not provide quantity discount to make the various distributors sell the same products according to the same price.
 Apple's retail and online store are very unique. They play a more important role on education and supporting, but not sales. They are very simple, even a little simple, providing information with a minimum of marks. They give people the feeling that there is a lot of people waiting to help you, and no one waiting to sale anything to you.
The product positioning of Apple is very unique. To some extent, this approach is feasible, Apple retailers like their products as unique species to sell, rather than put their products shoulder to shoulder with the competitor's products, no matter in the shop shelves or online shop. 

4.0 Organisational culture
 The Organisational Culture of Apple includes three points. The first is Paranoid innovation. Jobs put his old real implementation strategy in the new digital world, which used the methods of highly focused product strategies, strict process control, breaking through the innovation of the type and the continuous marketing. Step one: Jobs cut the product line of Apple, which reduced the kinds of products from 15 to 4 and cut part of the people to save operating cost. Step two: carry forward the characteristics of Apple. Apple regards consumer marker as a target, so Jobs made Apple be Sony of computer world. Step3: develop sales channels, and let CompUSA became the national monopoly business, make Mac machine sales soar. Step4: adjust alliance forces. With rivals Microsoft settlement, Mscrosoft made for its 150 million dollars investment, and continue to develop software for the apple machine.
 The second point is praising the culture of elite talent. Similar to the product and the strategic focus of practice, in the use of talents, Jobs also tried to emphasize "fine" and "brief". He thought that "the quality was more important than quantity". In 2000 Apple once stagnant period, Jobs shouted out "Think Different"(alternative thinking) AD, he hoped this ad which spent hundreds of millions of dollars could not only let the consumers to recognize Apple, more important is waking up the staff's working passion. 
 The third point is opportunities and challenges. James Andrew questioned:"if Apple products is really better than Microsoft, or Dell, IBM and HP, so why APPLE company is so small?" He though to become a real innovation company is not only after the latest creative, or new product and new service, it also contains to create enough cash to make up for the cost, and returns to shareholders. With the challenges, Apple improved itself and became the leader of this area.

5.0 Employee motivation strategies
 In many quarters people believe that the best way to keep your staff and employees motivated and happy is to try to give them more money. It may be true to some extent. But we should know an extent to which money can go as a motivator and many cases money alone can not keep your people working hard as your expect. What's the employee motivation strategies of Apple? www.dxlwwang.com/assignment/  It is known that Iphone has become the most popular phone nowadays. Some people do not want to pay such a high price to own one, but they can't ignore this company. Because no company had success like Apple. Its success mostly lies in his motivation strategies. Jobs made money by stock, rather than salary and bonus. So as these staff. If the share prices rise, they can earn money. If the share prices fall, they will be out of pocket. In this way, do the works have motivations of not working hard? Their fate is connected with the company. Giving the staff room for self improvement is also important. A success company should let its staff know you want them to be better than they are currently. An excellent CEO plays a very important role. Jobs, as a good leader, told us that if you are good enough, if will get what you should get; otherwise, you will be get out. The staff try their best to improve themselves and come up with the good ideas, which do good to the company.

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